Social Media Optimization

Business is of the consumers, for the consumers and by the consumers. Truly, positioning the consumer as the king of brand building strategies!

With the changing times and customer preferences, businesses need to adapt to the changes to meet the new reality of C2C marketing and brand-authoring.

The truth remains, ignoring social media will not make you invisible. Conversations, favorable or adverse, will carry on. And whether you like it or not, these conversations will define your brand. And when you decide to engage in a conversation, it has to be done respectfully and meaningfully…not just because it is in fashion, but because you care for your customers.

Magnon\TBWA uses its wide and vast experience in the ability to make your customers a part of your brand story. We have in-house “conversationalists” who focus on being social rather than doing social. From launching and managing Facebook campaigns to connecting your brand with your customers on Twitter and LinkedIn; from developing Facebook applications to building online communities; from analyzing the social media pulse for your brand, chalking out a strategy, implementing it and following relevant conversations, Magnon ensures that your brand voice gets its mind share on all pertinent social media platforms.