Online Reputation Management

So when does new news become old news? On the Internet, it takes perhaps 36 hours. But guess what, old does not mean invisible here ! These words are in the public domain, effortlessly accessible to anyone in the world and create instant image about brands, products, organisations or individuals.

Online Reputation Management monitors the online pulse for your brand, manages the content in your favour and eventually promotes positive sentiments. The idea is to counterbalance the negative impressions and maximize and highlight the positive experiences which will eventually promote positive brand recall. The effort has to be honest and transparent. And yes, it takes time.

Magnon\TBWA is one of the most experienced and finest online reputation management organisation with offices in Mumbai and Delhi. We have an in-house blend of the best of techies, creative junkies, marketing innovators and social media pundits to manage your online reputation. From managing your SEO rankings and online profiles to generating real time online reports on your brand, competition and industry, to content management on blogs, relevant social media platforms, we offer comprehensive online image management solutions. And as a client, you remain an integral part of our team. For us the real clients are your end-customers.

Google your name and see what it shows. The first few pages of the search engine will reflect the robustness of your online reputation.