Online Media Planning

It isn’t a surprise that today Google ad revenue is bigger than that of the entire newspaper industry in the United States. With print advertisements going online, the revenues too shifted to the online domain. And if one goes by the rising trends, Indian advertising will soon be in the same league.

Remember those frustrating episodes when the climax of your favorite movie is almost there and the ad-break ruins it completely for you? Your fingers would start flipping over channels and the endless surfing would soon begin, thanks to these ad-breaks. But of lately, there has been a change - from “interruptions” to “interactions”. The change has been a quick one, but it is here to stay for sure. The ‘mass-media’ strategy does not hold true in the online world. Welcome to the world of consumer diktats. The key to success for us remains fulfilling consumer needs.

The new media specialists at Magnon\TBWA team up with you to carry out detailed research, identify a high-impact strategy and a media plan for the online space, launch the campaign and keep a close eye on the numbers and consumer behavior. At Magnon\TBWA we strongly believe in focusing on the consumer and their needs. Our online media planning and buying team is in constant touch with their team of publishers, not just for the best deals we can crack for you, but also bring out ideas that work! We like them this way…and our clients love them for that.

So next time you come across a great ad placed on a great page that makes you click...remember there is perhaps Magnon\TBWA somewhere behind the curtains.