Interactive Web Design

Interactive Web design is not just about colors, pictures or logo placement. It is a very fine art and the digital medium has transformed it into an intuitive science.

The world transitioned from print to Web in the 90s. The big leap now is from Web to interactive. Interactive design is much more than just a website, a mobile application, or screens. It connects the real with the virtual world.

Our web design and development gurus at Magnon\TBWA use this to explore ways to connect your brand to its intended audience. At Magnon\TBWA, we understand that in the digital space, the interaction is initiated way before the ‘interaction’ really starts. It’s not about just the creativity in designing; it also requires creativity in technology application to enhance the design outputs. At Magnon\TBWA, the designer artists and techies rub minds together and fiddle with the ideas to create winning brand experiences for your customers.

From representing your brand true to its spirit on a website, to creating that mind-blowing mobile applications or developing community pages on Facebook which gives a face to the brand for its community, Magnon\TBWA has got the expertise in-house. And while all the elements come together, the consumer experience remains the heart of each project. Sure, it’s daunting, but then what to do...? We have a rep to protect.