Our CEO’s book

Our CEO's BookHe chews our brains on how Magnon has to be made into this billion dollar digital enterprise by the day, and writes business books by the night! That’s him – our 34 year old chiefy. Get a life man! Go watch a movie....visit Vegas...learn salsa! Nah...let’s not waste our time...the guy won’t listen.

Okay let’s give it to the fella - this magazine listed him among some 30 most influential young CEOs in India and CNBC TV featured him twice on their program ‘Young Turks’. The Forbes magazine included him in their special supplement called ‘New Heroes of India Inc.’ and while WE guys do all the gruelling designing and coding, it called HIM “the Spiderman of the Web browser...” – Spiderman?! Ya right!

The Times of India dubbed him as “...the self-propelled, neo-tycoon...”. Tycoon our collective foot! The guy has only two pairs of blue jeans....(that’s what he says...we have a strong feeling it’s just one!). Anyway he has written two bestselling management books – ‘Build From Scratch’ and ‘The Street to the Highway’. Check ‘em out. Nice stuff...even if we say so ourselves.

“A young man who started off with just Rs. 14,000 in hand and two rented computers but went on to form one of the country’s largest digital media companies is all set to launch his book, chronicling his learning on the way”Financial Express

“Read it (The Street to the Highway) especially if you want to realize that dream of taking your business to the next level.” Hindustan Times

“Vineet...the gritty go-getter. An engrossing articulator of management gyan....his second book The Street to the Highway offers a helping hand to millions of struggling and stagnating businesses – and shows them the enterprising path to corporate success.” – Times of India

“...The Street to the Highway...offers transformational growth strategies to SMEs.”  – Business India