Services Rendered :
  • Corporate and M-site Creation and Management
  • Hyundai Service Portal | Hyundai Used Car Portal
  • Dedicated Web Hosting Solutions
Case Study :

Hyundai is among the most rapidly growing car manufacturers in the world and the 2nd largest car manufacturers in India. Known for its product packaging, price and vast sales-service network, it considers its online presence with much seriousness and aggression.

Our association with Hyundai goes back 6 years when its web presence was limited to an elementary website. Hyundai expressed its eagerness to embrace the digital medium and Magnon was selected for the job. Soon after the new Hyundai website that was launched by Magnon was adjudged as the 2nd best Automotive Website in India (next to Bentley) by Auto Car magazine.

Once again, a recent survey by an auto magazine has recognized Hyundai’s online presence among the very best in India. It says- “Hyundai has the best mix of appeal, user friendliness, information and social media integration, and Ford and Toyota is a close second.”