Business Development

...BD bole toh...err...'Blood Diamond'??

So you have to drive too much, eh? Given. Maiin zyaada nahin maangta...
just 110% target achievement, market-leading sales, advances at 40% and less presence on your air-conditioned desk. Sir when should I call you again??

Account Management

I Haaaate Tears...

So clients make you cry...don't they?
So does your own team?
Tumhara apna koi nahin?
Join the club mate!
Hamaara bhi koi nahin hai...


Social e-vangelist?

So you're the one who believes that online communities are more social than neighbourhood clubs? Cool. Come with us.
Because VRLTO (err...we are like that only!)


Sirji Ekdum Out??

Say Hi to My Little Friend... the search engine! We know you fellas know somethin' we don't. Good for you.
Get the ranking. So the tear-haters can get the cheques.

With great
power comes

Software Engineers

Tech Whacko?

Are you a software geek who is also proud of being one?! No GF...?
(And GF stands for 'girl friend; not 'Goodfellas' and NO, that girl in red is NOT your girlfriend just because she said 'Hi' to you!).
If you have the experience of coding while dozing and having over 10 cups of black coffee in a day...We wantcha!

Creative Designers

Ye Kaun Chitrakaar Hai...?

Picasso, Michelangelo, Van Gogh...I like artists.
Pann itne paise mein itna-ich milenga... so sorry dudes and divas, we are talking real hard-work here. But our designers are our stars! And ye know...they behave like 'em too...